Our belief is that great Pinot is made in the vineyard. This is why the only Pinot Noir from Coeur de Terre comes from our estate vineyard, where we have total control at every step of the growing process. We are fanatical about growing grapes and optimizing their potential to make noteworthy wine.


Renelle's Block was our first block planted in the spring of 1999. This block is Pinot Noir and has a variety of clones including Pommard, Wadensville, 113,114, 115,667 & 777. Renelle's Block, named after Scott's mom, has served as the mother block for the rest of the vineyard through our in-house grafting operations.,br.
Renelle's Block is located at the southern end of the vineyard and ranges from 280' to 400' elevation. The soil is comprised of sedimentary soils with a rather high clay content in the Hazelaire soil series.


Sarah Jane's Block is named after Lisa's Great Grandmother who was a Native American Indian. This culture and heritage have always had roots in nature and the elements and the spirit of Sarah Jane lives on in this block.
This 4 acre block was planted in 2000 consisting mainly of Dijon clones and is located on the Southwest side of the vineyard and consists primarily of classic Willakenzie soils. The vineyard is planted with 7'x31/2' spacing and is trained to a Single Guyot trellis system.


Abby's Block is named after our oldest daughter and posssible future astronaut. This vineyard was planted in 2002, the year of Abby's birth and is made up of Pommard, Wadensville and 667 clones.

The soil is the most unique on our property which local geologists have not been able to identify and believe to be unique to Coeur de Terre.  This block sits at 450' elevation and is spaced 7' x3½' dual Guyot trellis comprising 4 acres.


This block, named after our beautiful new little girl, is located mid slope directly North of Renelle's Block. This 2 acre block is exclusively planted to clone 115 and have 7'x3½' spacing. This block was planted in 2003 and is just now at full crop load.

The soils in this block are reminiscent of Renelle's block but with lower clay content and more loamy content especially at the bottom of the block. This block has a direct Southern exposure and ripens a bit earlier than other blocks.

This block lies just east of the winery and is South/Soutwest facing. This block is planted to 667 and 777 Dijon clones. Again, we planted at our 7'x3½' spacing and utilizing 101-14 and 3309 rootstock.


In 2004, Lisa announced that she wanted to plant Syrah on the estate vineyard. Scott tried to remind her that "we grow Pinot in the North Willamette", but wiser heads prevailed, and we planted our Syrah on the rockiest and warmest part of our vineyard.

After a grand struggle to get the vineyard established, we had our first harvest in 2009. The grapes from this block go into our Rose program really expanding its profile, with the rest going into our Estate Syrah.

Dedicated to Lisa's grandmother, Nita, this block is now consistently showing depth and character and in fact we are in the process of adding 2 more acres of Syrah.


Coeur de Terre Vineyard is once again expanding.  We have recently acquired the neighboring property to the East of the current estate and are actively planting on the beautiful slopes on this land.

In 2014, we planted an additional 7 acres of Pinot Noir, and in 2015, we added 3 acres of Chardonnay at the prime spot of this land, along with 2 acres of Pinot Gris on the upper terrace.

We look forward to the new textures and varietals we will reap from this beautiful land.



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